The People, Friends and Neighbors of Joshua Tree are working hard to keep this space the unique thing that it is. In late November, Dollar General appealed our win to the State Court of Appeals. We held a public community meeting on December 18, 2014 to talk about options and all that. About 100 people were there and all were quite adamant about continuing our fight against this corporate predator. And so we’ve filed the required pro forma response in a timely manner, and made clear our intent to defend our win and our Community. Now comes some more work . . .

We need money to pay for this effort:  We have filing fees, a P.O. Box and other small stuff, but mostly, we are asking for help to pay our highly-skilled, kick-ass lawyer at a bargain-basement rate.

Our fundraising goal is $9,500.

Please donate online via gofundme

Or send a check to us . . . checks should be made out to David Fick with “JTDBA” or “Dollar General” in the memo line, and mailed to:

P.O. Box 1492
Joshua Tree, CA  92252

Or you can make a cash or check donation anytime you are in town . . . at the Joshua Tree Health Food Store, Windwalkers, Coyote Corner Gift Shop or Joshua Tree Outfitters. Most any other independent storefront in Joshua Tree would also accept your donation.

Thanks so much.


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