The Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance is a grassroots coalition of Joshua Tree residents and business owners concerned about the nature and future of the village’s downtown area, which operates as a gateway to the internationally beloved Joshua Tree National Park.

The Park is the primary economic engine of our village, and the Joshua Tree Community Plan, adopted in 2007, is the plan that we follow to keep that engine going. That Plan works. In recent years, local owner-operators have collectively invested millions of dollars in building businesses in Joshua Tree that appropriately service the Park’s tourists and local residents. Together, we have helped make Joshua Tree an international tourist destination, lauded by the New York Times, Sunset Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Westways, The Los Angeles Times and The Guardian.

That destination—our village—is imperiled by a recent misguided decision by the San Bernardino Planning Commission to permit construction and operation of a 9,100-square foot Dollar General store (or “Joshua Tree Retail Store,” as it is officially called) in Joshua Tree. In approving this project, the Planning Commission failed to consider the devastating impact this store will have on the unique rural community character of Joshua Tree, the economic impacts on our tourist-based economy and, of course, the project’s numerous inconsistencies with Joshua Tree’s Community Plan and County law.

In response to the Planning Commission’s decision, the JTDBA filed a community-funded appeal to the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors on January 24, 2013 and is now readying for the hearing on that appeal. This JDTBA action website is part of our effort to win that appeal — and stop Dollar General from opening a store in Joshua Tree.


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