Joshua Tree Stakeholders Speak Out

Photography by Vera Topinka

Linda Perry DSC_0016-4

Linda Perry, owner-operator of Joshua Tree Health Foods: “Owner-operated small businesses contribute to the mom and pop character of Joshua Tree that preserves the individuality of this place.”

Tanja Pfleuger DSC_0042-2

Tawnja Pfleuger, owner-operator of Ricochet Vintage Wear & Ricochet Gourmet: “The money spent at Dollar General won’t stay in our community—it goes back to corporate headquarters in Tennessee—and the majority of the products they sell will end up in our landfill. We are trying to grow our local economy and protect our natural environment here in Joshua Tree, and this store would be harmful in both ways.”

Nicholas and Jenny Holmes DSC_0003-14

Jenny and Nicholas Holmes, owner-operator of Holmes Health & Solstice Eco Building Supply: “The proposed Dollar General Store is out of scale and out of character with our community. Joshua Tree is becoming increasingly known for locally owned businesses with the motto of ‘shop local.’ The ‘mom and pop’ identity and branding of our town is important to our economy as we grow our tourist trade, which is now at at a pivotal point.”


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